Promotional material - Courtesy of Wymac Gaming Solutions

Promotional material - Courtesy of Wymac Gaming Solutions

Pop Shots VR

Role: Producer/ Project Manager/ Lead Designer
Date: July 2016 - August 2016
Publisher: Wymac Gaming Solutions
Platform: PC/ custom touch hardware

Project overview:
Pop Shots VR is a promotional experience based on the concept of Pop Shots 2D. The player inhabits the character of a witch as she attempts to stop her overflowing cauldron from filling her hut with bubbles. Armed with a wand in each hand the player must pop bubbles by casting spells, taking care to avoid frogs and chickens that have become trapped in the bubbles. 


  • Direction and leadership of small splinter team (5 developers, artists)
  • Lead design of gameplay systems, user interface and player interactions
  • Implementation of emergent interactions within virtual 3D environment
  • Project co-ordination and development
  • Initial project scoping
  • Initial pitching of game concept in response to board member briefing
  • Testing procedure design and analysis

Pop Shots VR was Wymac Gaming Solutions first VR endeavor. On this project I worked with a senior programmer, lead 3D artist and the art director to evaluate VR workflows for the Unity engine in combination with the HTC Vive platform. In a rather quick time frame we took the high level concepts presented in Pop Shots 2D and designed a virtual reality experience around the greater theme and mechanics of that game. We took this game to an industry event in 2016 as a promotional product, heralding the potential of the space and catching the eye of a number of international service providers, publishers and publications.

This project served as a wonderful proof of concept that VR can be a powerful tool in the promotional space, as well as allow for greater player engagement in an environment that typically does not offer new or exciting products for venue patrons.