Promotional material - Courtesy of Wymac Gaming Solutions

Promotional material - Courtesy of Wymac Gaming Solutions

Pop Shots 2D

Role: Producer/ Project Manager/ Lead Designer
Date: November 2016 - February 2017
Publisher: Wymac Gaming Solutions
Platform: PC/ custom touch hardware

Project overview:
Pop Shots 2D is a dexterity challenge game set inside a witches hut. Bubbles are overflowing the witches cauldron after a recipe disaster. Players must pop as many bubbles as possible within a given time frame, taking care not to pop bubbles with frogs or chickens caught inside them. 


  • Direction and leadership of a splinter team (4 developers, artists)
  • Lead design of gameplay systems, user interface and player interactions
  • Project co-ordination and development
  • Initial project scoping
  • Initial pitching of game concept in response to board member briefing
  • Testing procedure design and analysis

Pop Shots 2D was a project born out of a desire to combine existing product frameworks with a new design perspective. Wymac at the time had existing products in the field using similar mechanics, but those products did not have an experienced game designer or artist involved at the time of their development. I was brought on to identify team members from the larger development team that would be able to share their time between projects, lending their experience to the revision and development of the existing product framework to produce a higher quality and smoother experience than previously produced. Given a shorter project cycle myself and the team of 2 artists and a developer developed Pop Shots alongside the VR iteration of the same game and the flagship title in development at the same time. Pop Shots 2D achieved its goal of pushing the quality of an existing product beyond what was previously achievable with considered user experience and visual integrity improvements.