Role: Director / Artist / Designer
Date: October 2018
Publisher: Moth Likely
Platform: iOS
Download link: < HERE >

Project overview:
Oshka is a casual endless-stacker for iOS. Players are challenged to stack the matryoshka dolls as high as possible, collecting coins and unlocking new characters along the way.


  • Art direction, art asset creation and animation]

  • User interface and experience and game design

  • Marketing and promotional campaign design

  • Business operations and development

Oshka was the first commercial project by Moth Likely, a company founded by myself and Adrian Tosello in May 2018. As we were a brand new company, it was imperative that we create and release a product quickly. The purpose of this project was to take a game to market on iOS to raise awareness about our company, the quality of work we can produce and to evaluate data collected after the games release. Oshka was a three month start-to-finish endeavor and one that we are immensely proud of. We evaluated our workflows and established our name with what we feel is a warm, inviting and accessible experience.