Role: Producer
Date: March 2019 - Present
Publisher: Dinosaur Polo Club (iOS, PC), Radial Games (PS4, Nintendo Switch)
Developer: Dinosaur Polo Club
Platform: iOS, iPadOS, tvOS, MacOS, PC, PS4, Nintendo Switch
Download link: < HERE >

Project overview:


  • Post launch production support

  • PlayStation 4 launch support

  • Publisher and stakeholder liaison

After joining Dinosaur Polo Club, part of my duties beyond the production of Mini Motorways included live support production for Mini Metro content updates, as well as assisting in bringing it to Nintendo Switch and Playstation 4.

My responsibilities included developer scheduling, development resource management and stakeholder/ publisher liaison and community management/ support.

Mini Metro is actively supported and as such these duties will continue for the foreseeable future on an as needed basis.